Monday, November 28, 2016

Hello again Europe (and Scandinavia!)

Hi again Europe and also Scandinavia!

While it is true that David has four PhD's (Good Vibes, Funky, Party and Gospel) it is also true that David has more MA's than I can count.

One of David's MA's is in Animal Behaviour.  While it is true the above gesture (paradoxically) means "hire me" as well as "I quit", David (were he here and at all interested in participating in this aspect of the upcoming tour's promotion) would be quick to explain that in the animal (especially the Pit Bull) kingdom, the above is known as the "play bow".  It is both an announcement of and physical preparation for impending Fun!

So what does that have to do with the Jooklo-Zappa Fluffy Cat Freakabastia tour of Europe and Scandinavia in 2017?

I'll explain

Imagine if you will your ear-drums are a trampoline

Imagine now, the Jooklo-Zappa Love-Star Liner Express is a Rotweiler.

Are you beginning to understand the kind of fun, and by fun I mean musical  pantonal, panrhythmic freakabastia the Jooklo-Zappa (insert name here) is going to drop on your European / Scandinavian trampoline eardrums when we come to your town?

If not, keep watching the video!*

* (Though now memorized by all members of the ensemble, the above video is one of the "visual scores" assiduously rehearsed and expertly mastered perfectly for performance) 

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Hello Europe!


Greetings from Canada! 

It seems like only yesterday the Jooklo Zappa Daughters of Heavenly Glory were scooting from one delightfully hospitable Canadian locale to another, sharing our feelings in the form of David's four PhD's: good vibes, funky, party and gospel appreciation.

Since then, feelings have been felt, America has a new first lady, and feelings are being felt anew.

Q:  What would happen if Europe was covered in rainbow coloured maple syrup hockey stick puck butter coloured Buick muscle car lots of little notes and high pitched drums?

A:  Throw away your black turtle neck sweaters! We will have brightly coloured shirts and posters for sale at the shows!