Monday, June 27, 2016

Throw your debit cards on to the fire! Bring CASH!

As you can see from the new header, another round of posters have been made.  Another?  Yes, another...because the last set of posters (tee-shirts as well) are sold out.  Gone.

"If you think you are smart enough, just bring your fucking cash" says David.

"because maybe next time it's not going to happen"

To which I add, if there is such a thing as a "next time".

And so, a brief teaser of some of the posters available.  They are, on average, 2' x 3'.

That's 0.6096m x .9144m for all you metric types.

Yes, yes, that's too big for your puny apartment.  boo hoo.  NOT OUR PROBLEM!

Just bring the damn cash already so that our beloved Virginia and David can enjoy some delicious West Coast sea food in a dignified setting!


Ah're 4 years old now!  Smoking cigarrettes, cursing at the dinner table, cursing while smoking at the dinner table...the full meal deal!

The drive from Edmonton to Prince George took us through Jasper.  Unfortunately the weather was boolshit though we did get a few choice glimpses of the Rockies and did enjoy a moment by a glacial stream whereupon feet were soaked in near freezing water, flowers were picked and feelings felt--just like the peoples do in New Jersey (looking at you, Kevin Reilly of Relative Pitch Records)

As we approached Prince George, a bear was witnessed! Living and...

...dead and stuffed!

 Musicially Casse-tete continued in its pre-established trajectory of, in the words of David Vanzan "one foot in the wet and one foot in the dry."  Musical methodologies with roots in both the white and black avant-garde were represented.

The Stanley Zappa Quartet enjoyed yet another instrumentation, consistent with the initial mission of exploring the possibilities of self-organization within music.

The Jooklo Zappa Rainbow was able to employ a grand piano, thanks to PS Piano services.  Ms. Genta played it tremendously, to great effect and enthusiastic reception by all.

(it should go without saying that Ms. Genta's sopranino work was devastating, set against the consistently thoughtful, dynamic percussion of Mr. Vanzan.)

The ride home featured a delightful Canadian cloud show...

 delicious hunger triage by the unstoppable culinary genius of Ms. Genta...

wild flowers ...

staggering vistas...

and a final photo before we raced home...

to a yet another delicious home made meal by Ms. Genta...

and an instant photo in the in-box from the gang in Calgary, featuring our favourite DJ Helen Young who does our favourite radio show -- THE FUTURE LANGUAGE-- on CJSW!

At present, we are recharging, making posters, listening to Jack McDuff and debating if we should go for a swim in the lake or in the river.

Tomorrow we wend our way to Vancouver.  On the agenda is sharing some pacific salmon and halibut for our treasured guests. Any suggestions kind hosts and friends of the greater Vancouver area?

Stay tuned.


The drive from Calgary to Edmonton is easily one of the most scenic and interesting in all of North America, yet it was the architecture that most captured the imagination of our visiting Italian heroes as we arrived in the town of.  This is probably because Italy has no real architectural tradition (or style) of its own. 

The performance was in an interesting building--a former armoury.  The room was lovely--not too big, not too small.

Perhaps best of all was the PA mobile.  Behold David;  though this would be a good photo for his nacent DJ carreer, David no longer desires to participate in this boolshit blog that has forever sabotaged our hopes of ever getting any funding for the "work" we do.  Nevertheless, you have to admit David is looking GOOD!

But then again, when doesn't David look good?

Next stop, CASSE TETE!


But before Calgary, there was the Rocky Mountains.

The actual arrival in Calgary was celebrated by a gigantic full moon and bright lights of the big city.

The Jooklo Zappa's reason for going to Calgary was twofold--first was performing at CJSW at the University of Calgary.

A recording was made of the event.  Was it boolshit?

While the recording was happening, I managed to get a $60 dollar parking ticket in the University parking lot.  Can you can guess who isn't giving a shit about that?

After the radio show, we met with our room-mates and colleagues at the festival, the Hyenas!

The actual performance was at a place called Wine-Oh's, which is strange, as not one drop of Wine was forthcoming for our visiting Italian heros.  Whine was in abundance, but not wine.

Speaking of whine, there are no pictures of the performance on my camera, or any documentation that I'm aware of, so all you whining ass titty babies can suck it!  If you were sooooo interested, you (Kevin Reilly of Relative Pitch Records) should have been there.

But for those of you (Kevin Reilly of Relative Pitch records) who can't be bothered to cross the continent into another country to see the Jooklo Zappa situation play at Calgary (because you clearly don't give a shit), do enjoy Calgary's psychedelic side as seen through the eyes of David Vanzan!

In our final moments in Calgary, David accessed his warrior side in preparation for our voyage to EDMONTON!

 Live by the sword, die by the sword!

"This blog is boring now"

"fuck this fucking blog...I'm not following this fucking blog fake italian bunch of fucking losers.  It's boring now"

--David Vanzan

"Stanley, this is NOT how you get grants!"

--K. Molloy

Ok, ok...sorry for the delay.

First and foremost, be not confused--capitalism hurts family.  Look at the sadness in Nixon's (Mr. Poo poo's) eyes!

This is the foundation.  The alpha and omega.  The ostinato upon which our counterpoint in Calgary, Edmonton and Prince George was built.

I hope you are happy, because our poor Mr. Poo poo is very sad. 

"I'm going to take off the link from my facebook page to this boolshit blog.  Censored.  People don't have to see."
--David Vanzan

"How many pictures do you have of the dog on this blog?  This is no longer a music blog.  It never was..."
--Virginia Genta (if that's her real name...)

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Tee-Shirts Yo!

"Yellow is the color of madness!" says David Vanzan, drummer for super-group the Jooklo-Zappa Situation!

And you'll be mad for these tee shirts when you see them in person!

No, you can't possibly begin to dig it, and here's why--there's many many different colours available to those wise and lucky customers who are coming to see the Jooklo-Zappa Situation in Calgary at Sled Island, Point Departure in Edmonton, and Casse-tete in Prince George.

The southern dates?  They get the southern image!  That's right!  Geography specific designs!  THESE ARE ALREADY SUPER COLLECTABLE AND RARE!

Your chances to purchase these are few.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Art Commodities!

Sure the music is exciting and all, but the Jooklos are also a visually dynamic and creative duo!  Only a fool would miss the opportunity to exploit that talent in them!

And so, we set to work on some programs for the now over since two days ago First Annual Untempered Festival of Dissonant Arts.  Were almost done!

Art has no shelf life, so who cares when they get done?  And everyone knows you want a piece of this high art memorabilia, the proceeds from which will almost immediately return to the petro-chemical economy as we drive thousands of kilometres over the next few days.

Order one in the comments section!

Buy one at the show!


First Annual Untempered Festival of Dissonant Arts = WIN

Though the impact upon the music is nil, the hope does exist that next year, the second Annual Untempered Festival of Dissonant Arts will have some lighting.  Then again music is an aural and not visual art!

I don't know about all y'all, but I was more than satisfied to sit with eyes closed (dark) and listen to the staggeringly awesome music created that evening.

Virginia Genta (if that's her real name) playing solo!  After her totally wonderfully psychedellic fantastic set of concept-trajectory changing music, so-called Virginia let me in on a little secret: This was her first solo performance!  For all of you who foolishly missed the First Annual Untempered Festival of Dissonant Music, you missed one of if not the bestest most excellentest solo saxophone / piano performance EVER.  Not only did Ms. Genta fully kick out the jams, but did so in a setting of utterly tremendous acoustics (think the opposite of The Stone.)

 This was followed by an equally impressive though significantly different (different = good) performance by the one and only Mr. Andrew Wedman!

This was followed by events that unfortunately (for you) did not get photographed (by me).  However, the good people from Peach City Radio did record the event, as did a film maker.  I did manage to take some video, but have yet to put it into the computer.

Why didn't I put it through the computer?  Because the day after, Jooklo-Zappa went to Mr. Wedman's studio for a simply magical evening of fellowship and music.

Put the kids in the back seat!

Jooklo Wedman!

Ms. Genta having a tourist moment

Jooklo - Peter Walker!

Ms. Genta on Piano!

Another ugly evening in Naramata

How the Jooklo - Zappa Situation feels about YOU!

Arts, crafts, eating, packing and CALGARY to follow!