Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The Jooklos Have Landed!

The Jooklos are in Brooklyn at this very moment!

Two weeks until they arrive in Kelowna!  14 days!


Here, watch this while I get the house back to disgusting!

Sunday, May 29, 2016

The Jooklo Zappa Tour of Western Canada and the US, 2016

You're probably wondering if you have enough time to tell your boss(es) you need time off to see Jooklo-Zappa on tour.  Regardless of your boss(es) answer, you can always quit your job!  Life is for the living (noun and verb)!

Here's the schedule as I know it, at this juncture in time.

Tue  June 14  --  Jooklos arrive in beautiful Kelowna BC!

Wed June 15 --  Rehearsing with the Jooklos at the house!  Maybe we'll go swimming if it's warm enough?

Thu June 16 --  More rehearsing with the Jooklos at the house!  Perhaps today is a good day to visit the local Bottle Return?  Always something fun going on there!

Fri June 17 --  Now things start to get interesting!  As part of the Skin and Bones series, Jooklo-Zappa will travel back to Kelowna to perform at the Rotary Centre for the Arts.


Very exciting!


Great question!

First off, this is (obviously) a rough draft of the poster.

Second, the "acoustic guitar guy?"  The one and only PETER WALKER!

What?  Wait...how?

I don't know!  When you're at the festival, ask the wonderful Andrew Wedman, the co-creator of this fantastic festival and master mind behind The BASS PIANO!  He'll tell you who is the real hero behind this delightful coup!

Another spoiler--there are two pianos at the Shatford Centre in Penticton--and they are on the same stage, at the same time.

Ask yourself--when was the last time you heard improvised music featuring two pianos?

OK then--see you there!

Sun June 19 --  Recording session with the Bass Piano!

Mon June 20 -- More and more recording!

Tue June 21 -- Off to Calgary we go!  Just a quick 9 hour drive.  No biggie.  Say, where's the soul food at in Calgary?

Wed June 22  --  Jooklo-Zappa will no doubt start their morning as they always do, with plenty of exercise, inspirational readings and a brisk cold shower.  After that, we start our afternoon with a recording session at CJSW!  As if we weren't limber enough, we will then move on to SLED ISLAND. Though at this point, I can't tell you the time or the venue, you'll no doubt be able to figure it out for yourself by the psychedelic din and throngs of people dancing.

Thu June 23 -- Edmonton here we come!  I think I speak for the Jooklos as well when I say we are quite excited for the twisty turns and mountain scenery we will no doubt enjoy on the drive from Calgary to Edmonton.  Take that Italian Alps!

Once in Edmonton, we'll perform at the Point of Departure series.  That facebook update is coming any minute now, just take my word for it.

Fri June 24 -- CASSE-TETE!!!  Now in it's FOURTH year!  For those in the know, Casse-tete is THE festival in Canada.  Hippest in North America?  Once capitalism's gales of creative destruction blows the Vision Festival into a "living" hudson river, then Casse-tete's place will be certain.  Of course we all hope that the "governmental panel made up of representatives from the cultural sector and City Council [who] declined the festival’s application" will smarten up, realize the value of the Vision festival, and start co-ordinating capital accordingly.  In the mean, Casse-tete is fine with the Silver Medal.

Sat June 25  --- More Casse-tete!  Also an early morning Baking workshop by yours truly!

Sun June 26 -- back to home base for a delousing.

Mon June 27 -- more recording!  more swimming?  I promised I'd mow the neighbours lawn, so there's that to do...

Tue June 28 -- MERGE in Vancouver!  Was it ever hard to get a gig in Vancouver.  I wonder if there is some kind of other porta-potty oriented festival happening at the same time?

Wed June 29 -- SEATTLE!  AMERICA!  Good times!  I have my flannel all picked out, and can't wait to drink some Starbucks coffee!  Not sure what else is happening on this day.  Who has the best Pho in Seattle?

Thu June 30 -- SEATTLE!  AMERICA!  BLUE MOON TAVERN! It says right there on the site the best way to keep informed with the happenings is to follow their twitter.  At this event we'll be performing along side HOUND DOG TAYLOR'S HAND.  Check it!

Fri July 1 -- Portland!  Alice Coltrane Memorial Coliseum.  And that's all I know!

Sat July 2  --  Portland, recording with heavy hitters of the freak scene!  stay tuned for more deets!

Sun July 3 -- Portland, TURN TURN TURN!  To every motherfucking season, eh?  Hard to believe already, before the tour has even started, that this will be the last show of the tour.  If I drank beer, I'd cry into it.  Now that Marijuana is legal (for fun!), perhaps I'll try that much maligned herb put on earth by the same GOD-force that made all living things.  Who knows, maybe the Jooklos will too?  Is it dangerous?  Is is sinful?  STAY TUNED!

And that's our tour!

Hope to see you there!

More details as we get them!

your pals,


Friday, May 27, 2016

More Jooklos, more art!

Here's another Jooklo-Zappa image from the psychedelic mind of the wonderful Virginia Genta

Tee shirt?  Tote bag?  Baby bib?  The possibilities are endless, and those possibilities are ONLY available at select outlets, for a limited amount of time!  If operators are busy, stay on the line!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Let's get to know the Jooklos!

The Jooklo Duo are Virgina Genta (reeds, plus) and David Vanzan (percussion, plus).

They say opposites attract; the Jooklos are my personal, polar opposite in as much as they are successful, working musicians who make things and manage to sell them to a caring, interested audience.

The Jooklos also have a hip visual art thing happening.  The two drawings from the previous post are by Ms. Genta, as is the "banner" at the top of the blog.

A big part of my excitement for this tour is the opportunity to work on some 2-d art with the Jooklos.  For all of you who will no doubt flock to our up-comming shows, there will hopefully be no end of ephemera goods from which to choose!

Here's a prototype:

You know, a little more glitter here, a little more thus and so there and presto!  memorabilia to last the ages!  Each one an original, an individual--just like the music!

See you soon!

Jooklo Zappa!

19 days until the Jooklo Duo arrive in beautiful Kelowna BC!

In the mean, here's a great opportunity to give to the arts!


Such a pittance!   Support the damn arts already!